Existing Homes
Energy-efficiency and sustainability – it’s all over the newspapers, on TV and the internet. You know it’s important to save power, and you’d like to make your house warmer, healthier and more energy efficient. But how do you begin? Where should you invest money to get the best results? Should you get a heat pump or a new refrigerator? Extra insulation or new windows? Solar hot water or a new boiler?

You've also heard about all the tax credits and incentives out there for energy efficiency but don't know which ones you might qualify for.

This is an exciting time, and a perfect opportunity to improve how your house performs and reduce your power bill. AHA can perform a range of assessments on your existing home, from a simple walk-through energy audit to measuring energy usage with sophisticated computer programs which may then qualify you for an Energy Efficient Loan with which to pay for energy upgrades to your house or other incentives. AHA is also a fully accredited BPI contractor so can offer the highest quality retrofit and remodel work done to BPI exacting standards.

What Is A Comprehensive Energy Audit?
We will visit your home and comprehensively analyze your home’s energy uses. We use sophisticated, professional computer modeling tools, a blower door and infrared camera to find unseen heat losses in your home. We examine:
  • Building air leakage.
  • Heating and Cooling systems
  • Insulation quality and performance
  • Window performance
  • Combustion appliance safety
  • Water heating
  • Moisture management and building durability
AHA then provides a detailed report giving you prioritized suggestions about how to make your house more energy efficient. There are bound to be things you're not aware of that can make a big difference in how much power your home uses. The report outlines all the recommendations and provides you with a cost benefit analysis for each recommendation so that you are able to make informed decisions about the appropriate power saving features for your home.

AHA is a BPI accredited Home Performance Contractor. We can provide full service energy efficiency contracting services – see our Home Performance Page.

We always follow up any major repair work you have done with blower door and combustion tests to check the safety of your home. Sealing up air leaks can be a definite energy saver but you need to be sure that your home still has sufficient air changes for you to breathe clean air.
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