BPI Home Performance Contracting
AHA is a Building Performance Institute Accredited Contractor. BPI is the nationally recognized organization that accredits contractors that meet its exacting standards for home performance contracting. BPI’s quality assurance process ensures that you, the homeowner, have a third party to verify that all work is done correctly and to BPI’s high standards. Most federal, state and local programs for residential energy efficiency require BPI accreditation for contractors.

Did you know that a contractor who does not understand all the components of home performance can unknowingly create serious health, safety and durability issues for you and your house. Carbon monoxide, mold, gas leaks and more are all severe hazards and any energy efficiency work that is not fully tested before and afterwards by a qualified professional can leave you in a dangerous situation.

AHA tests all houses before any work is done – not just to find where the best energy efficiencies may be made, but also to check that your combustion appliances and indoor air quality are currently safe. We make sure that any work we recommend will not create an unsafe future situation. And then after work is completed we retest to ensure we are leaving you and your house in a safe situation.

AHA is annually monitored by BPI to ensure our work is being completed to their nationally recognized standards.
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